Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge: Wrap-up

This week’s Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge was to use the big list of objections you created in the Sales Funnel Challenge from a week earlier and counter/refute/destroy them in at least 2 different ways. Then, you were figure out where they go in your sales funnel so you can pre-emptively eliminate those objections BEFORE they’re even asked!

Now, I realize this challenge was time consuming, but for those of you that followed through, you will easily make up that time very quickly because you’ll deal with objections far less, and you’ll close more sales faster because your answers to the top objections were embedded preemptively in your sales funnel!

Here are three examples for you to “check your work”. I posted this one last week…

Product too expensive

  • Higher priced but it lasts longer than any other similar product: To reach the Lead and Prospect stages, change our product tagline to add the words “longest-lasting”
  • Actually costs less than 75% of other providers: To reach the Lead and Prospect stage, make sure that we highlight this in at least one blog post every two weeks
  • Also comes with a free thingamajig and a lifetime warranty: To reach the Prospect stage, make sure this item is highlighted at least twice during every face-to-face sales presentation and at least three times during every telephone sales presentation.

And here are two more…

No money in the budget

  • Higher priced but we deliver a higher ROI than competitors: To reach the Lead and stage, make sure every benefits list includes “higher ROI”.
  • People who buy lower-priced products from competitors usually have to budget higher maintenance and servicing expenses. Therefore, if you spend a little more with us, you’ll spend less on the servicing side of the deal: To reach the Prospect stage, record 2-3 case studies with this message as the main point.
  • Because our product is higher value, your customers will buy more; therefore, you’ll generate more revenue: To reach the Lead stage, include this as one of the teaser points when capturing emails.

I’m not sure that you have experience in my very specific niche

  • We have a variety of industry experience in this industry and other, similar industries: To reach the Lead stage, list the industries we have worked in.
  • We have the experience to help your industry: To reach the Prospect satge, identify similarities between industries and highlight those aspects of our experience.
  • We learn new industries quickly: Create a whitepaper that outlines our process for quickly becoming experts in an particular industry.

(And don’t forget: Feel free to send your own Weekly Sales Funnel Challenge results to me and I’ll upload them here. Scan it or design it in your favorite word processing program and email it to me. Or, if it’s just a simple text-based answer, comment in the wrap-up. If you ever send something to me to post for a challenge wrap-up, I would kindly ask you to remove your competitive differentiators!)

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