2011 is here. Let’s get started!

Happy New Year! 2011 is here and I’m very excited about it! This is a favorite time of year for me because I love making goals and planning out what I’m going to do in the year.

This year, I have a number of initiatives I’m working on.

Last year, my work was seeming increasingly disparate. I mean: I was doing a variety of projects (copywriting, technical writing, consulting, strategy, business planning) for clients but it was becoming harder and harder to find the common point between it all. And then I realized that almost all of my work is related to sales funnels. In short, everything I do contributes to the growth of a client’s sales funnel.

It really “clicked” for me when I realized that, and it consolidated years of experience, education, and thinking into a nice, neat concept. Sales funnels aren’t new… Rather, they’re a new way for me to express how I work with clients. You’ve already read quite a bit of my sales funnel writing and you’ll see me write more about sales funnels in the future.

Expect to hear a lot more from me about this in the future. My services aren’t changing — what I do for clients isn’t changing. But what is changing is the role that sales funnels will play.

This initiative sounds a little vague, so here’s what I mean by it: I want to write more (blogs, articles, reports, etc.); I want what I write to be more useful to my readers. I want to be more intentional at building a community. I want to increase the participation on my blog and in some of my social channels (Twitter and LinkedIn are my two targets at this point).

Along with those “front-end” connectedness-improving initiatives, I have also been working on some back-end connectedness improvement. It’s mostly technical and it includes improved hosting for a faster-running blog, and improved software to build and connect with the communities and networks I’m involved with.

Over the years, I’ve collected a number of domain names and I need to clean that up a bit. It happens because I’ll work on something and pick up a few related domain names to use. Some of those projects have panned out, some haven’t. Some have run their course and been wrapped up. Some have changed names, making the original domain names irrelevant. Some are in a holding pattern… some have been in a holding pattern longer than I would like.

So here’s what I need to do: I need to figure out what to do with each one. Some of them will be purposely expired. Some will be ramped up. But I need to make sure that each one has a purpose and isn’t just orbiting out there.

The biggest initiative for me is a book. I’ve been meaning to write a book for a while now, but have always been overwhelmed with work for clients. Last year, I decided to do something about that and I cut back on how many clients I take on at once. I’ve started scheduling them farther out and am being a little more intentional and disciplined in the time I give to clients.

Working with clients is something I absolutely love, and I also love the hectic pace of tight deadlines. There’s nothing wrong with that but the result is always immediate revenue: I work today and receive immediate revenue for it. I want to slowly move my business toward a model where I receive ongoing revenue streams for my work. That’s not to say that I’m no longer working with clients, but rather that I need to also build toward the future. (It’s one of those things that I help my clients do, but I never took the time to do it for myself!).

As I write this, the year is already 23 hours old. There are basically 364 days left to achieve my goals. Yikes! I’d better get started.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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