Aaron’s Answers: How does it all work together?

“There are lots of different things you can do online… When do you use them and how do they all work together?” I’ve had three people ask me that same question recently so I thought the topic deserved its own blog post! The people who asked me were a realtor, the owner of a bacon […]

8 easy ways to discover what problems your prospects desperately want solved

When you strip away all of the techniques and strategies and bookkeeping and SEO, a small business is ultimately about earning a profit by solving someone’s problem or fulfilling a need or want. Pretty simple, really! So if you’re an aspiring business owner looking for an business idea, or if you have a struggling business […]

Why business growth can sometimes be a costly problem

Growth is good, for the most part. As entrepreneurs we want our businesses to grow. And although we want our businesses to grow all the time, the result of the growth isn’t always ideal. When I say “result”, I don’t mean bigger orders or bigger bills. These are the result, of course, but I’m talking […]

Converting prospects into customers

In your business’ sales funnel, every stage (lead, prospect, customer, etc.) has its own goal. Moving a contact from one stage to the next is about working with the contact to achieve each goal, in order. Here are some ways that you can convert a prospect into a customer, depending on your organization type and […]