Add Netvibes to your small business toolbox

As business owners, all of us are so busy building our businesses that it becomes very easy to drop the ball on something. Maybe we don’t keep in touch with prospects as well as we should. Maybe our competitive research falls short. Maybe there are just too many social media sites to keep track of. […]

How to sell an ebook on the web

Selling ebooks can be lucrative, and it’s an easy business to start. Unfortunately, although people know that they need an ebook if they are going to sell one, the other parts of the equation aren’t as clear. What ELSE do they need? What should they do first? How do they make it all fit together? […]

“Don’t buy from us today”

I’m on a bit of a health-kick so I stopped in at a health food store and wandered around the aisles. Wasn’t looking for anything specific but was just acquainting myself with the probiotic/organic/gluten-free melee of over-priced, ultra-hyped foods and snake oils. There were 3 clerks at the counter (and it was a tiny store […]