BCG on Strategy: The Experience Curve Reviewed – Part 1

In this BCG On Strategy series, I go chapter-by-chapter through the book: The Boston Consulting Group On Strategy: Classic Concepts and New Perspectives (2nd edition). Join me each week for BCG On Strategy at OVERVIEW: THE EXPERIENCE CURVE REVIEWED Bruce Henderson wrote this chapter in 1973. In this chapter he builds off of the […]

Marketing strategy tips for creating and executing a marketing plan – Part 2

In yesterday’s blog post, I gave you some overall ideas about how your marketing plan can become a useful document and a critical asset in your business. Today, I want to give you a step-by-step method to create a marketing plan from scratch without breaking a sweat. DAY ONE: DRAW OUT YOUR SALES FUNNEL If […]

Marketing strategy tips for creating and executing a marketing plan – Part 1

A marketing plan is a critical asset for your business. A good marketing plan is a well-thought-through document that outlines how you’ll position your business to your marketplace. It shouldn’t be a document you write once and put on your shelf. It should be a living, breathing document that you use every day to guide […]

Just read: ‘The Inevitability Of $300 Socks’ at Fast Company

It wasn’t that long ago that people wouldn’t pay more than about $50 for jeans. Now, $300 plus is a distinct possibility. You can’t just blame inflation. There’s been a transition in how we define luxury. In this article, Dan and Chip Heath talk about how luxury has changed and why products that weren’t luxurious […]