Increase touchpoints to improve service

Several years ago, I drove a friend to the emergency room at a hospital. We checked in with the nurse and waited around for a while until a doctor saw him. The time we spent waiting (a couple of hours? I don’t remember exactly) was mostly spent wondering if the nurse had forgotten about us. […]

Faster, easier innovation that won’t piss off your customers

When I say “innovation”, what do you think of? Chances are, you think of innovation in your products and services; you may think of blue widgets instead of the normal red ones, or you might think of a way to deliver faster, cheaper service. In the early days of the automobile, other manufacturers provided cars […]

Favorite video: BMW ‘The Hire’ short movies

BMW created a series of 8 short movies starring Clive Owen (plus a number of well-known actors in sporadic roles and directed by big name directors). They were hosted at their own site for a while, then disappeared, and have resurfaced on YouTube. Although they likely cost millions to make, there is little doubt that […]

Knowledge centers: Why your growing business needs one and how to build it

Growing businesses face a variety of challenges, from scaling distribution to hiring and training competent staff. A knowledge center can help to minimize the pain that comes with growth. A knowledge center is an offline or online area in your business where you capture and store all of your best practices, procedures, processes, and more. […]

Good news for businesses… in 1 – 3 years

Good news for entrepreneurs (or, at least for people planning to become entrepreneurs in the next 1-3 years). During periods of economic growth, consumer spending injects cash into the economy, and free-flowing cash is exactly what makes an economy stronger. Entrepreneurs and economists are concerned right now because people aren’t spending money at levels needed […]