A simple process to make your business more successful (while saving time and money)

I meet a lot of entrepreneurs who are running their business but don’t know where they are running it to! As a result, they may enjoy a profitable business but they’re spending a lot of time and effort and losing some of that profit. And, the long-term picture seems to be: “more of the same”. […]

Give your price guarantees some teeth!

I was at the mall on Sunday and walked past a nutrition supplements store. (You know, the kind that sell Omega-whatever or Ginseng-something-or-other). Prominently displayed in their window was a sign that said: “We’ll beat any competitor’s price by a dollar!” This seems absurd to me — a frigging buck! They have products in the […]

How to deal with growing pains in your business

Until recently, my fitness routine included running and lifting weights. It was a good habit I’ve enjoyed for the past few years. The problem was, it had become dull… the same old thing, day-in and day-out. So just last week, a couple friends (who were in a similar situation) and I decided to take it […]