Charging the right fee for your service: Metrics versus value

In his excellent article (from 2008) about the fees you charge, Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch says that you should avoid hourly rates and instead set your fees based on the value you deliver. Jantsch is correct and as I was reading this article I kept agreeing with everything he said: Yes, charging per hour […]

Is your retail business leveraging this trend?

Retail businesses rely on customers coming into their stores and spending money. Getting more customers spending more money is the name of the game. With the exception of advertising, advertising, and more advertising, a lot of retail stores don’t do much else. (There are other options but they’re not always done well). However, a recent […]

Business puberty

Life as a child is carefree. You play and run and eat candy… and everything seems right with the world. Then mom and/or dad have “the talk” and suddenly the world seems like a different place. It’s weirder and more complex. You notice things you didn’t notice before. You know things you wish you didn’t […]