The characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

It drives me crazy every time I meet an entrepreneur with get rich quick dreams. Listen up: It doesn’t happen often. Business success is built on hard work and elbow grease. I’ve written about it before. I found a great article in Forbes that outlines exactly that: “How Self-Made Titans Launched Their Empires“. This great […]

My content strategy evolution

I’ve been writing professionally for a long time. 17+years, in fact. For newspapers, magazines, corporations, you name it. I’ve watched ebbs and flows in business as content — and the purpose and function of content — has changed. THE SHOTGUN APPROACH TO CONTENT Just a few years ago, as the volume of my web writing […]

What motivates you? How to build your business on dreams

I mentioned recently that I’m in a crazy workout challenge. It’s fun but insane at the same time. When I initially found this exercise program, I was going to just do it on my own but then a friend mentioned he was also looking for a new exercise program so we decided to have a […]