Facebook ads suck

Facebook ads suck. I’ve written about it before: here and here.

The following ads suck, too. I basically found them all while using Facebook on August the 7th.
Dear advertiser. You can set language preferences in your ad so that only those who speak the language will see it. This will help to… oh, I don’t know… improve the number of click-throughs.

Dear advertiser: When you use quotation marks in a sentence that is not a quotation, they are most frequently used to indicate irony. As in: We have “80 Million” movies (when, in reality, you only have 8 movies).

Dear advertiser: I love Winnipeg. My wife and I have lived here for six years and there is a lot of stuff to do. But Winnipeg isn’t a popular place. Lots of people make jokes about Winnipeg and refuse to travel here. Your Winnipeg bucket list is kind of a funny concept for a place where people don’t like to go. And the “huge” coupon is a little scary: Are these huge discounts or large in size?

Dear advertiser: Actually, earthquakes do kill people.

Dear advertiser: I don’t know about other people’s opinions on the matter but condoms are NOT one of the items you want to buy “cheap, discounted”. They’re an item that I’m only comfortable paying full price for. It’s like deli meat… you have to wonder why it’s on sale if it’s on sale.

Dear advertiser: The picture in this ad annoys me. I tried to run an ad for a book about zombies and had a picture of a zombie on the ad. It was rejected because the picture was too provocative. (I believe that is their official reasoning). This picture seems like it also fits the “provocative” definition.

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