How to get more responsive subscribers for your ezine

There are a lot of ezines out there. Some are good, many are not. And many entrepreneurs are scratching their heads wondering why they are investing so much time into their ezines but not seeing any results from their growing list of subscribers. The solution to an ezine that costs more than it returns is […]

Just read: ‘Success Can Make You Stupid’ at FastCompany

If you were awesome once, you can’t help but be awesome again, right? Dan and Chip Heath (of Made to Stick) say no. In this interesting article, Success Can Make You Stupid, the Heath boys show how many of Hollywood’s movie successes are self-fulfilling prophecies — based on established links of trust between directors, producers, […]

What is the difference between copywriting and technical writing?

I call myself a “business writer” because it encompasses both copywriting and technical writing. But I have bumped into a lot of people recently who don’t really know what I do: This month, while working with some clients for whom I’m doing copywriting, I was asked what a technical writer was; and, while working with […]

Pricing and your sales funnel: How to avoid competing with low-cost providers

I read a great article written last year by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in called “The Price Factor” that talked about the problem of falling computer prices. It’s a problem because computer companies risked it all for marketshare to the point where profit margins are razor thin. And, as Kingsley-Hughes points out, consumers don’t know any […]