A heartfelt thank-you to clients and readers

On Saturday, as my wife and I were returning home from a friend’s house, we had to take a circuitous route (through parking lots and with plenty of back-tracking) to get home. The rain was so crazy!

And, it was no surprise when we arrived home that water had started to enter our basement. Yes, we have many precautions in place for this kind of thing but Winnipeg received three times the normal average rainfall in the month (with most of it happening within a 24-hour period) so there was just nowhere for the water to go but in… into our basement where my office happens to be. We ran 3 pumps, I bailed all night, and we had a clean-up crew come within a day of getting the water out.

Net result: A ton of humidity and inconvenience but the only thing permanently damaged was my external hard drive where I store all of my business data. (No problem there: I bought a shiny new one and I keep all of my data ALSO stored offsite via JungleDisk and Amazon S3).

Then, the very next day, my wife got into a car accident, adding stress and additional busyness to my schedule.

But things are better now! I’m excited to be moving back into my office today, which is clean and dry and ready to go again. Janelle is uninjured from her accident.

So I’m writing this blog post to say thank you to you, my readers and clients, who have been encouraging and patient during this hasty transition and spotty communication. Clients graciously extended deadlines, readers offered support and assistance. It’s very appreciated.

To be honest, I was mentally prepared for the fact that I could lose a few clients who needed writing and couldn’t wait for it. That would be unfortunate but understandable. However, I’m honored and grateful that all of my clients stuck with me but also said that they had more work for me but would wait until I was up-and-running before they assigned it.

It seems to me that the mark of a good business is not just the quality of its clients but the quality of its clients during a challenge… and my clients (and readers) have shown themselves to be a truly kind and empathetic group and I am privileged to know you and be able to add value to your business.

Thank you very much! I appreciate you.


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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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