On Canadian Tire’s improved business strategy

Image via Wikipedia Okay, so most of my readers won’t know what Canadian Tire is, but for those of us who live in Canada, it’s an icon. It’s basically a big hardware store and automotive store; sort of a combination of an auto parts store, discount mechanic, sporting goods store, and Home Depot without the […]

Clawing my way back to a favorite best practice

If it seems like I’ve been walking around in a daze lately, it’s because I have been! Last year, I had a great system going with my work: For ongoing projects (like where I might provide daily blog posts or a weekly article), I would write the content a full month in advance. It was […]

How to accurately predict membership site revenue

Small business owners don’t always have a good track record of predicting success based on facts. If they were, we’d probably see more small businesses last longer. I think the tea-leaf-reading industry has done well for itself by providing entrepreneurs with numbers that they want to hear. So any time I find a tool that […]