8 ways to destroy sales objections BEFORE they are asked

Image by Ambrosio Photography via Flickr Every business performs some kind of sales presentation or pitch to help convince a prospect to buy. The pitch might be face-to-face (at a sales counter or at the door), over the phone, through a written proposal, or online. Not all of those sales are completed, though; they are […]

Grow your business by selling with stories

Once upon a time I was a stockbroker and investment rep. I loved the analytical side of the biz and I loved connecting with people. But being an investment rep is a lot of stealing clients away from other reps, which is not cool. (Sadly the crappy parts of the job outweighed the good parts […]

Why you’ll never have to pay taxes again

It’s tax day in the US, which means that most of my clients are busy dotting i’s and crossing t’s and fingers. Image by NCReedplayer via Flickr But here’s the good news for everyone: If the Mayans are correct (and why wouldn’t an extinct, pre-industrial civilization that brutally sacrificed thousands of innocent people be correct?), […]

What are you doing about your most important business assets?

Image by Maciek StL via Flickr If the fire alarm sounded and you had to run out of the building right away, what would you take with you (besides the cat and a picture of your mom)? What elements of your business would you consider most precious? Put another way, if a giant hole opened […]