Marketing strategy tips: 13 tips to develop a powerful marketing strategy

Flavor of the week marketing strategy tips
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Lots of businesses use the flavor-of-the-week approach to marketing. They read about great success that a business has had with articles so they have a bunch of articles written one week. Then they read about press releases another week and they have some press releases written. Then they learn about successful marketers using Twitter so they tweet like mad for a week.

At the end of the three weeks, what do they have? Very little.

A strategic approach is needed to market a business. Before your business blasts out marketing, make sure these market strategy tips are informing your marketing efforts:


  1. Know what you sell and why people buy it. You’ve probably heard the classic reference about businesses selling drills but people buying the ability to make holes. What you are selling might be your product or service but people never buy your product or service. They buy the benefit your product or service provides. If you’re not making sales, it’s often because your product or service doesn’t provide any benefits.
  2. Identify your position in the marketplace. What makes you unique? Create a USP that can only be applied to you. (If you can apply your USP to anyone else, it’s not a “U”SP). Get unique. Kim and Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy is a great tool for this.
  3. Focus on a niche market. If you’re too broad, your message won’t get through. Narrow by industry or by demographic. Sell to fewer people to make more sales. Yeah, it blows your mind.
  4. Market your business with a specific number of content types (i.e., 2 articles/week; 5 proposals/week; 1 press releases/week; etc.). Try it for a quarter. Measure the results and adjust. If you want more business, ratchet it up.
  5. Develop your message and stick with it. It’s okay to test and modify your message but once you’ve found it, stick to it like a fat kid on fudge.
  6. Create short-term and long-term tactics. Stop looking for immediate payback because it doesn’t happen.
  7. Just add friggin’ value already. Everything else falls into place after that.
  8. Make it really easy for people to understand what you do and to connect with you. Offer a pile of contact methods, intuitive buying processes, and fast response times.
  9. Do all of the above at the business level but do it all at the offering level, too, for each product or service you sell.
  10. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Find your own groove.
  11. Create a simple marketing system – just 3-5 steps – and hammer it out every single day. Every. Single. Day.
  12. Measure your success by the actions you take compared with the sales you make. Stop worrying about the number of followers or subscribers.
  13. Once you have a foundation of successful marketing methods underway, test those flavors of the month as you hear about them. Test them consistently for a month and see what the impact is.

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