Just read: “How to Remix Your Online Business Ideas Seth Godin Style” by Darren Monroe

Darren Monroe is a good guy. And one of the most focused people I’ve ever met online. Seriously, this guy is ALLLLL about the online business ideas. Even though I own a busy business and I’m not really looking to start something else, I can’t help but read his blog. Great ideas served up with attitude and fun.

Then there’s this particular blog post of his (below). Wow. What a great idea! In it, Darren talks about choosing three things and remixing them to get new material. In the post below he grabs 3 Seth Godin blogs to demonstrate how he can come up with a new blog post idea, a new email course idea, and a new ebook idea inspired by mixing 3 blogs from Seth.

But don’t miss the real value of this post; not how he can magically remix Godin but the lesson behind it: How YOU can find and remix your content to create really meaningful new ideas and opportunities for yourself. Even if you’re not looking to start a completely new business, this post can give you some ideas to revive your current business.

How to Remix Your Online Business Ideas Seth Godin Style.

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