For want of a nail: Why I’m writing my business plan

Do you hear the beep-beep-beep of a truck backing up? That’s me. Image by klepas via Flickr I’ve been writing for years but never had an official business plan. (Gasp). It’s not like I wake up every day and think “what the hell will I do today?”. I DO have plans. But they are mostly […]

Marketing strategy tips: 13 tips to develop a powerful marketing strategy

Image via Wikipedia Lots of businesses use the flavor-of-the-week approach to marketing. They read about great success that a business has had with articles so they have a bunch of articles written one week. Then they read about press releases another week and they have some press releases written. Then they learn about successful marketers […]

Accelerate business performance with more transactions

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to Brad Sugar’s simple formula for accelerating business performance: Leads x Conversion Rate = Customers Customers x Average Dollar Sale x Number of Transactions = Revenue Revenue x Profit Margins = Profit Sugars says that if you improve all five areas that you can influence (leads, conversion […]