Just read: ‘Defining Earned, Owned And Paid Media’ at Forrester

Media falls into three categories and Forrester analyst Sean Corcoran describes those three categories — earned, owned, and paid — in this brief but excellent blog. Skip down to the graphic and the content just below it for the real take-aways that make this a must-read for writers, marketers, and business owners. Defining Earned, Owned […]

Breaking up is hard to do: Why businesses need to occasionally fire clients

Image by Transguyjay via Flickr I believe in finding good quality clients and building long-lasting relationships with them in which I can provide high value, high ROI content in exchange for collaboration and profitability. In the past I’ve let clients go because I realized that I could no longer offer them the quality, value, and […]

Client Spotlight: KMGI

KMGI is a New York-based web and interactive media marketing firm that specializes in webmercials, web presentations, multimedia sites, and more. They have an impressive list of clients and have won several awards for their work over the past 13 years. Recently, KMGI contracted me to complete a number of projects for them, including a […]

Why I don’t have a newsletter (yet)

Building a loyal audience is one of the primary reasons that someone writes a newsletter or ezine. It offers a business tremendous long-term value to be able to interact with a loyal audience, communicate with them again and again, engage them, and market to them. I write newsletters for other clients, so why don’t I […]