3 Twitter types (and why I’m joining the losers)

CONFESSION TIME I used to think that I should follow fewer people on Twitter than the number of people who follow me. When I had 100 followers, I felt that I could follow up to 100. When I had 1000 followers, I felt that I could follow up to 1000. The reason? I didn’t want […]

Just read: ‘The Best Business Model in the World’ at HBR

Business models are my drug. (Okay, that sounded pretty geeky). So when someone writes about the “Best Business Model in the World”, how can I NOT read that article? The short story is, SAAS is the modern version of the best business model in the world: Costs are high upfront but drop overtime (and approach […]

Just read: ‘Calculating Breakeven Sales’ at AllBusiness

I realize this is a “business finance 101” article. But it’s a valuable skill (heck, any business finance savvy is valuable) so for my loyal blog followers, I’m adding this to my reading list as mandatory reading… and mandatory application! Essential Business Skill – Calculating Breakeven Sales | Main Street Financing Challenges.