I think drop.io is the coolest thing ever

When I’m not writing for businesses, I’m writing for magazines, which requires me to pitch article ideas. The problem is: Editors want to see writing samples (“clips” is the lingo) and I’ve got a bunch and I want to send more than one or two but I don’t want to send a 10MB file of PDFs to editors.

So I hunted around for a solution. Posting them on this site is one option but I don’t want editors to feel like they have to download each file to open it. I want to make it easy for them to quickly review a couple.

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So, in hunting around for a solution, I came across drop.io. How have I missed this? I mean, I’ve heard of it but never heard about how exciting it is and it certainly isn’t on the tip of anyone’s tongue… but I think it should be. It’s the most comprehensive, robust, brandable, user-friendly free file-sharing tool I’ve ever seen (and to call it a file sharing tool limits its capabilities).

It’s easy to create a “drop”, it’s free up to 100MBs, it has a variety of really useful permissions and password settings, and there are extra features coming out of the wazzoo. So, you can use it like I am to do some showcasing. Or, you can use it to collaborate with your team — and they can upload and comment on files or not, depending on your permission settings. Or, it has a bunch of other uses and even comes with a paygate so you can sell one-time or recurring access to information and files. For a new business starting up, I would consider this to be an essential tool in their operations (along with tools like Zoho or GoogleDocs).

Few sites really inspire me with the profound number of business opportunities that I think are untapped. Drop.io is one of those sites.

Check it out. Create a drop. Imagine the possibilities.

(I hate that I have to say this but in case you’re wondering: No, I am not receiving any compensation or special consideration for my glowing review. This is a completely unsolicited recommendation based solely on how impressed I am with their awesomeness).

*** Update: Drop.io was purchased by Facebook and later shut-down. Too bad.

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