How to defeat zombies (and be more productive)

I don’t usually write about productivity because there are lots of other people who do a good job of that already (like my friend Heather Villa). But recently I put together a fun little ebook that I hope you’ll find useful at addressing a serious problem we all face in our productivity.

It’s called Stop Procrastinating. Fight Zombies. The premise goes like this: All of those projects you’re procrastinating on are like the walking undead and they will relentlessly lurch after you unless you take a stand and fight back.

In the ebook I outline a system I’ve developed to destroy zombie-project procrastination and enjoy higher earning. It’s an easy system to implement and it’s really effective at keeping your projects moving and those zombies at bay.

Two of the reasons that it works: First, procrastination is non-event that people default to when they aren’t productive. By scheduling time to specifically address procrastination, you are eliminating that problem. Second, zombies are fun. Okay, so real zombies are pretty gross and stinky but zombies in general are fun and “fun” is a great procrastination killer.

Edit January 5, 2012: I used to have a separate website for this but have since consolidated things… so if you want to read the free ebook on my blog or download it, check out this blog post: How zombies can help you stop procrastinating.

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