Why I don’t have a newsletter (yet)

Building a loyal audience is one of the primary reasons that someone writes a newsletter or ezine. It offers a business tremendous long-term value to be able to interact with a loyal audience, communicate with them again and again, engage them, and market to them. I write newsletters for other clients, so why don’t I write one for myself?

Like everything else in my business, I try to be very intentional in my decisions and it’s not an accident that I don’t currently have a newsletter. The main reason is: I don’t have anything extra to write about right now. For a lot of my clients and readers, a blog serves as a vehicle to position and promote some of a business owner’s thought leadership but it’s the newsletter where they really put out their good stuff, their differentiated stuff. The blog convinces people to sign up to the newsletter and the newsletter convinces people to buy from the owner. It’s a nice, clean funnel and it makes sense… if you save your differentiated thought leadership.

But I don’t. My business model is different so I use my blog differently: It’s my primary hub for what I’m thinking; it’s a laboratory for new ideas; it’s a map to my brain revealing what’s coming up for me in the future. I put it all right here, and thus have little more to say in a newsletter except to repeat what I’ve written here.

Certainly there are tradeoffs in this choice — I try not to promote my business in my blog in the same way that someone might be able to promote products or services in their newsletter. And, I have a less measurable audience compared to the data you get when you send out a newsletter. But I’m busy anyway so something must be working.

The best decision for right now (and that’s all any entrepreneur can act on, isn’t it!?) is to skip the newsletter and just let people sign up to my blog (through the subscribe link or the email link to the right).

Caveat: This isn’t a firm stake-in-the-ground anti-newsletter stance. There will likely be a newsletter some day. I believe in them, I like them, I think they offer long term value, I recommend them to various clients, and I write them for various clients. However, those publishing decisions need to be considered in light of what you want to reveal along your sales funnel.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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