Favorite video: Joseph Stiglitz on GDP as economic barometer

I love economics. Yeah, I’m weird that way. Most of the time, my interest in economics is reasoned and applied at the organizational level. But national and international economics is still fascinating. Although I’m sure macroeconomics isn’t compelling to everyone, I think it’s still important to stay current because it’s such an influencer of microeconomies. […]

I think drop.io is the coolest thing ever

When I’m not writing for businesses, I’m writing for magazines, which requires me to pitch article ideas. The problem is: Editors want to see writing samples (“clips” is the lingo) and I’ve got a bunch and I want to send more than one or two but I don’t want to send a 10MB file of […]

Accelerate business performance with improved conversion rate

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to Brad Sugar’s simple formula for accelerating business performance: Leads x Conversion Rate = Customers Customers x Average Dollar Sale x Number of Transactions = Revenue Revenue x Profit Margins = Profit Sugars says that if you improve all five areas that you can influence, (leads, conversion […]

Develop your core product or service – Part 1

For entrepreneurs who are just starting out, developing the core product or service is a critical early step in business planning. What should you sell? How should you position it? Who should you sell to? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you to generate more sales with an offering that is highly targeted […]