Just read: ‘Four Ways of Looking at Twitter’ at Harvard Business Review

At first I thought this was an article about 4 ways to use Twitter — “looking at” as another way of saying “approach” or “use”. However, the article is really about data visualization. Dataviz looks great but (hopefully) you push beyond the “gee whiz” factor and get some use out of it. In at least […]

Exploring the best place to start marketing your online business

I’ve been speaking with a client recently about writing content to market his business. Initially, he was thinking about an offsite blog that would attract traffic and drive it to his landing page. I do like this approach in many cases because a blog gives an opportunity for businesses to position themselves and demonstrate thought […]

Your site map as a business tool

Bust out your site map for a moment. You know, that org-chart-like thing that you look at from time to time and wonder what to link your shiny new page to? Got it? Okay, now take a look at each page. What is the purpose of that page? Every page in your website should have […]