Blog content defibrillator

Your blog content is good and you hope that people go back and read the archives in the future… but they rarely do. There’s no need to let that content disappear! Break out the defibrillator and get a blog post’s heartbeat going again. Get people reading old blogs by doing some of the following: Once […]

Impressed with oDesk’s business strategy

Image via CrunchBase In the outsourcing space, there are several players that offer freelance job posting services (for businesses to post jobs and freelancers to submit proposals). The two big ones are and; there are others but those are the big two. There was a time when oDesk might have vied for placement […]

Just read: ‘Five Reasons why Content Strategy comes before Social Media’ by Joe Pulizzi

There is a lot written about social media. A lot of it sucks. Joe Pulizzi knows content and content marketing and he rightly says that social media participation is useful but people often jump into it without any clear idea why they are doing it. Instead, they need to rethink the “how” and “why” of […]

I want to like Squidoo: Objections about Squidoo’s strategy (and a way forward)

Image via CrunchBase Squidoo is a site that allows users to build “lenses” and add various types of modules to create content. There are text and image modules, interactive modules, and sales-related modules (connected to Amazon, etc). I love the idea of Squidoo because I believe in content and I think giving people the power […]

Just read: ’14 Lessons Learned from One of the World’s Highest-Paid Copywriters’ at Copyblogger

Dan Kennedy is THE direct sales guy. He’s both crusty and compelling; sort of the guy you love to hate, not just because he’s perennially cranky but because he’s almost always on point. But one complaint that lots of people have (myself included) is that he can sometimes seem like he’s waiting for the internet […]