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The Question:

aaronhoos_socialmedia_linkedinNjore J.  KARANJA asked:

I am in the process of creating a subscription-only website. How do I go about marketing it for subscribers, and what is the best payment method?

Aaron’s Answer:

I can’t answer the payment methods but I can help you on the marketing side. Without knowing very much about your site, I’d suggest these general ideas:

* Depending on what your topic is, you might find Google AdWords or Facebook ads to be helpful. Just make sure they are highly targeted.

* I’m still seeing article marketing as a positive way to create traffic… provided that your articles are compelling and high value.

* Start an account on Twitter and use Twellow to help you target people to follow.

* Build some value on the outside of the subscription gateway so that people can see that you do add value. Offer more (most) of the value on the inside of the subscription gateway.

* Create a free, downloadable report discussing the benefits people can have through the use of your subscription site.

Good luck!

-Aaron Hoos

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