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I’ve been speaking with a client recently about writing content to market his business. Initially, he was thinking about an offsite blog that would attract traffic and drive it to his landing page. I do like this approach in many cases because a blog gives an opportunity for businesses to position themselves and demonstrate thought leadership through regular content (and yes, there are other benefits as well).

But as we spoke, one of the challenges became clear: Getting an audience to the blog and then sending them on to the landing page was a potential barrier to success. After looking more closely at their situation, I ended up advising that they use online articles to push people directly to the landing page.

There’s a tension in sales: On the one hand, you want your prospect to take baby steps toward buying your product or service so that they never feel like they are pushed. On the other hand, you want to make the line from lead-to-sale to be as clear and easy as possible so prospects can move through it as quickly as possible.

Given that tension, we see the benefits of one marketing method over the other.

In their original option, they wanted to acquire traffic on the blog and then push them to a landing page.
In some cases, this is a good model, but for the client I was just speaking to, there was a huge risk of people falling off between the blog and the landing page.

Instead, I recommended this approach…

… and suggested they use online articles instead of a blog to drive traffic directly to their landing page.

The content is disseminated faster and placed in places where readers are reading, the SEO benefits are direct (backlinks point to the landing page rather than the blog), click-through rates are still measurable, and you dramatically reduce the number of people who fall off.

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