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The Question:
aaronhoos_socialmedia_linkedinWho is using mind mapping as part of their day-to-day business?

Aaron’s Answer:
I do. I would be lost without mindmapping!

I have one main mindmap which is basically my business plan and it includes daily step-by-step processes (marketing and deliverables) that I need to complete along with daily goals for each one as well as linkouts to each site that the processes need to happen on. As processes are added or modified, I just drag everything around. And, within the map there’s an entire section of “need to do/need to think about” business-building ideas.

I also keep a mindmap for every ebook I write (and I write a lot of them). Each branch is a chapter and each sub-branch ends up being subtopics in that chapter. And at levels below that I write the paragraphs right into the map, then convert and format! Since I make my living writing stuff, this cuts my writing time down dramatically.

I used to keep a mindmap for every client I had, but recently I switched from MindJet to MindMeister (because I liked the web-based, collaborative interface) and haven’t uploaded those yet. Eventually, every client will get their own map and that will include rates, files (like NDAs and agreements), closed projects, upcoming projects, project notes and brainstorms, etc.

And those are just my “formal”, ongoing maps that I use every single day.

I also have a whiteboard in my office and my day starts with a mindmap of article topics I intend to write about that day and later the map gets filled with other topics as clients call to brainstorm. In many ways, my whiteboard is a short-term mindmap that is usually very task-oriented.

And lastly, I mindmap every chapter of every business-book I read (which puts me into the mindmap nerd stratosphere).

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Aaron Hoos

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