How to be an Olympic-level entrepreneur

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There are those who dream of being athletes; there are those who play sports on the weekend; there are those who are serious about their sport and perhaps play in a semi-pro league; there are professional athletes; and, there are the small few who get to the Olympics for the chance to compete for gold and a “best-in-the-world” title.

It’s similar for entrepreneurs. Some dream but never become business owners; some moonlight; some have good businesses; some have great business; and some achieve Olympic-level success.

In the days leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, I examined 31 traits that I believed were key to being a successful Olympic-level entrepreneur.

Here they are in one post with a link to a more detailed post:

To be an Olympic-level entrepreneur…

  1. you need to remember that there is a right time for training, parading, competing, and reveling.
  2. you need to be ready to leverage your success.
  3. you need to trust your teammates to perform at the expected level.
  4. you need to pick yourself up after failure.
  5. you need to sign up for the whole package.
  6. you need to work at a higher energy level.
  7. you need to be willing to fail.
  8. you need to be willing to go where you need to go.
  9. you need to ignore the competition.
  10. you need to slow down only after you’ve crossed the finish line.
  11. you need to control as many factors as you can.
  12. you need to recognize that things will be different after… then prepare for it.
  13. all of your life centers around this moment.
  14. you need to play fair to win.
  15. you need to love what you do.
  16. you need to overcome obstacles and use them to grow stronger.
  17. you need to have the right gear.
  18. you need to understand and embrace the extreme risk/reward relationship.
  19. you need to go when the starter pistol fires.
  20. you need to be single-minded while competing.
  21. you need to decide to be an Olympic-level entrepreneur.
  22. you need to find your optimal competition zone.
  23. you need to always be training.
  24. you need to make improvements, however small.
  25. you need to make sacrifices.
  26. you need to be part of a team.
  27. you need to know your competition. Really well.
  28. you need to climb the proficiency ladder.
  29. you need to understand and accelerate your processes.
  30. you need to be confident in your delivery.
  31. you need to master one thing.

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