Just read: ’10 Social Media Metrics’ at SocialTimes.com

Content strategy is only truly effective for your business when metrics are used. (Otherwise, you’re just being active without necessarily being effective). Do you use metrics in your social media? It’s not easy because social media tends to be difficult to measure and difficult to apply to our sales funnel. I talked about the need […]

Measuring leads is insufficient: We need a new sales funnel category

I’m putting together a series for March and I’ll be talking about a couple of points including leads and lead generation. But in preparing for this series, I’ve been deep in thought about what we define as leads and how we measure them. Leads are usually anyone in within our target market who has risen […]

Aaron’s Answers: Marketing a subscription only site

The Question: Njore J.  KARANJA asked: I am in the process of creating a subscription-only website. How do I go about marketing it for subscribers, and what is the best payment method? Aaron’s Answer: I can’t answer the payment methods but I can help you on the marketing side. Without knowing very much about your site, […]