Communication expert Connie Dieken interviewed at #BusinessLunchClub

We had a great lunchtime interview at #BusinessLunchClub on Twitter today.

This week’s theme is leadership and there has been an emphasis on the importance of communication in leadership. Today we talked with Connie Dieken, a leading speaker, author, and coach, on the topic of communication.

You can read the original discussion at but I’ve reposted it below (with some minor edits).

@AaronHoos #BLC We are joined by @ConnieDieken, who is a leading expert on influential communication in the 21st century

@ConnieDieken: @AaronHoos #blc Thanks for inviting me to Biz Lunch Club. I’m on a mission to transform leaders into more influential communicators.

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc It’s a pleasure to have you with us!

@AaronHoos #BLC … @ConnieDieken was voted one of America’s Top 5 Speakers for 2010 by

@AaronHoos #blc @ConnieDieken ‘s bestselling book “Talk Less, Say More” helps readers be more influential and make things happen…

@AaronHoos #blc … “Talk Less Say More” was selected a Top Business Book of 2009 by #smallbiztrends…

@AaronHoos #blc …Learn more about @ConnieDieken and her book at or

@AaronHoos #blc … It’s nice to have you join us, @ConnieDieken ! Welcome!

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc Has communication changed over the years? If so, how?

@ConnieDieken: #blc Communicating successfully is radically different in today’s distracted, impatient world. Face-to-face comm skills are plummeting…

@ConnieDieken: #blc We’re buried beneath an AVALANCHE of information that social scientists say is 10,000 times greater than an earlier generation

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc Wow, 10,000 time greater!?!?

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc So if today’s audiences are so overloaded with information, how do we talk so others will listen?

@ConnieDieken: #blc Do you check e-mail and voice mail simultaneously? Do you grow impatient with long-winded voice mails and zap them mid-sentence?

@ConnieDieken: #blc Rambling has become a nearly unforgivable sin. We’ve become instant addicts and tune-out is rampant.

@ConnieDieken: #blc 3 simple but profound habits will solve the issue.: Connect, Convey, Convince. (TM) “Talk Less, Say More” offers many tips to apply

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc In your work as a leadership communication coach, what do you tell leaders? How important is communication to their work?

@ConnieDieken: #blc Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today. It takes just 3 habits to conquer it: Connect, Convey, Convince. (TM)

@ConnieDieken: #blc Apply these habits and you’ll become the influential communicator that our impatient, distracted world demands.

@ConnieDieken: #blc My blog is full of real-world examples of influential people hits and misses. Here’s a link:

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc We’ll be sure to check out your blog! Can you elaborate: How can leaders become more influential communicators?

@ConnieDieken: #blc First, CONNECT by giving people what they want and value. Not what you want and value. It’s critical to “Stay in Their Moment”

@ConnieDieken: #blc 2nd Habit: CONVEY using portion control to get your points across with clarity, not confusion. If you confuse, you lose…

@ConnieDieken: #blc…I share many tips on how to convey successfully in my book: The Eyes Trump the Ears, Talk in Triplets, Telling Stories, for example

@ConnieDieken: #blc Habit #3: CONVINCE. This means creating commitment to influence a specific action or decision. You can’t be generic and it’s not a ….

@ConnieDieken: #blc ..genetic gift like singing. My book shares many strategies & tips: Sound Decisive, Transfer Ownership, Adjust Your Energy .

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc Sounds compelling! I love your “portion control” idea. And giving people value is huge! Thanks!

@ConnieDieken: #blc Lots of “Talk Less ” freebies at You can download a free chapter, watch a video or get a free iPhone app.

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc Some of our audience lead organizations of many, while others are sole proprietors. How is it different for them?

@ConnieDieken: #blc Influence is critical to us all. Whether it’s influencing a team, your clients, your spouse or your kids…

@ConnieDieken: #blc It’s time to STOP informing and START influencing. People can get the info they need on the web. They need you to…

@ConnieDieken: #blc Be a color commentator instead of a play-by-play announcer. People need you to tell them what you make of things..

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc That is a great analogy: color commentator vs. play-by-play announcer. I like it!

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc We’re quickly running out of time! Last question: What communication best practices can you recommend?

@ConnieDieken: #blc Be aware of the real, live people around you – don’t shut them out in favor of electronic contact. Use both.

@ConnieDieken: #blc Influential communication is all about getting a response. Connect, Convey, Convince. (TM) Don’t bury the lead. Meet people needs.

@ConnieDieken: #blc Get a free iPhone app with hundreds of communication tips at your fingertips:

@ConnieDieken: #blc Thanks for having me at Business Lunch Club today, Aaron. Go out and influence your world, everyone!

@AaronHoos @ConnieDieken #blc On behalf of #BusinessLunchClub: Thank you so much for your valuable insights! It was a pleasure hearing from you!

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