The most commonly blogged phrase… and how to avoid it

Image by foxypar4 via Flickr I have a theory that the most commonly blogged phrase is: “it’s been a while since I last blogged“. Blogs seem like great vehicles to express your ideas and position your business but they take work. Often, the blogger starts blogging with great passion for their subject matter. They have […]

Aaron’s answers: Ineffective, unreadable content

The Question: Ratnakar Sadasyula asked: What needs to be done to handle the vast amount of Junk Content on the Net?   While the Net for sure has made information more accessible to users, and has resulted in the spread of knowledge, the large amount of junk content can’t be ignored. There are a whole lot of […]

Yellow Pages(R) advertising tip: What is your customer’s state of mind?

Image via Wikipedia It’s rare that I use the Yellow Pages® at all, but today I needed to use them twice. It’s interesting to note that the difference in my own state of mind between these two circumstances dictated what content I was looking for in each ad. The first time I was in the […]

Just read: ‘What it Takes to Be an Overnight Success’ by Chris Brogan

This one was written back in October but I’m a little behind in my reading. Great article about what it takes to be an overnight success. In particular, be sure to watch the video. What it Takes to Be an Overnight Success.