Social media monetization: 6 business models for social networks

I was doing some research for a client’s article about social media and was following some leads on specific social networks that I wasn’t familiar with. Unfortunately, many of the leads were dead ends as one company after another turned out to have gone out of business. Many of them failed because they had a […]

Favorite video: SBA Business Plan (part 8 of 8)

We’ve looked at some of my favorite videos throughout the year and this series has been one of them. I’ll be the first to admit that the quality is mediocre at best but the content is solid and I’ve always liked it when governments (of any country) encourage entrepreneurship among their citizens.

Tuesday’s social media interview at #BusinessLunchClub

This week is social media week at #BusinessLunchClub. Today, I interviewed Jonathan Harr, a local search engine marketing expert who spoke to us about how to use social networking to reach a local audience. I’ve color-coded our tweet-conversation, below: @AaronHoos: It’s social media week at #BusinessLunchClub. Each day this week, we’ll talk about a social […]