Aaron’s answers: How to network at a conference

The Question:

I am a real estate investor and I’m going to a local event shortly where I will be networking with other real estate investors and looking for money to fund my deals. I’ve got an introductory card that I give out but it isn’t pulling in as much response as I’d like. What do you recommend?

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Aaron’s Answer:

The content on your card is good and just needs to be tightened up a bit. However, I think you should consider something to compel people to talk to you. After all, there are MANY real estate investors all networking hard to get a limited amount of funding dollars. An introduction of yourself is good, but you should consider enticing them to talk to you. I would write up a 2-3 page report about “The State of Real Estate In [your local city]” and indicate on your introductory card that you’ll give them a free copy if they talk to you.

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