Monday’s social media interview at #BusinessLunchClub

We had a great interview today on Twitter to kick off social media week at #BusinessLunchClub.


I interviewed Heather Villa, a friend and business colleague, and someone whose social media presence I admire. Below, I’ve provided color-coded excerpts from my interview with Heather.

@AaronHoos: It’s social media week at #BusinessLunchClub. Each day this week, we’ll talk about social media and how it can impact your business.

@AaronHoos: If you’re new to #businesslunchclub feel free to “sign in” when you tweet by adding #blc to your tweets.

@AaronHoos: We have Heather Villa joining us today to talk about social media. #blc

@AaronHoos: Heather is the co-founder of #BusinessLunchClub. She’s a business coach with a passion for social media.

@AaronHoos: Hi Heather! Thanks for taking the time with us today. #blc

@AaronHoos: What makes social media different from other forms of media? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Talking AT versus Talking WITH your audience is what differentiates social media from mainstream media. #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Social Media is about engaging w/ your audience (readers/listeners), whereas mainstream media is typically talking TO them. #blc

@AaronHoos: Why should businesses participate in social media? (Is “talking to” vs. “talking at” that much better?) #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Well, how can you be sure the people you are talking AT are listening without engaging? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Think Info-commercials, how many people do you know are really paying attention? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos With social media you get instant feedback, and if you get no feedback , you immediately know to re-strategize. #blc

@AaronHoos: Good infomercial analogy! Social media = 2-way conversation. Traditional media = 1-way. 2-way leads to better business evolution. #blc

@AaronHoos: Can you give us some examples of businesses that are using social media well? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Sure, take a look at @freshbooks. They provide customer service and support through their twitter account. #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos They also monitor their brand, if people are talking about them (i.e. have a problem) they are very quick to respond. #blc

@AaronHoos: @IAC_Heather Which social networks do you recommend businesses use? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos It depends on the target audience and the business. I personally prefer twitter, followed by facebook, followed by linkedin #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos However, if you are in the entertainment industry or your target audience is, MySpace would be more valuable than LinkedIn #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Likewise if your target audience is Latin America, Hi5 and Que Pasa would be more valuable than FaceBook or LinkedIn. #blc

@AaronHoos: @IAC_Heather So, how do you recommend building an audience of followers/friends/etc.? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Just be yourself. Each platform has its’ own ‘ways’ to expand your audience, nothing I can cover in 140 ch. But be yourself. #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Start with people you know, the look for people with common interests, then ask for referrals. #blc

@AaronHoos: @IAC_Heather Good ideas. Any other best practices that you recommend business owners apply to social networking? #blc

@IAC_Heather: @AaronHoos Not that I can think of. Main thing is don’t talk at, talk with. Engage your audience, be real, and keep it constant. #blc

@AaronHoos: We’re nearing the end of today’s #BusinessLunchClub social media interview. Thank you @IAC_Heather for your great ideas and insight!

@AaronHoos: Join #BusinessLunchClub tomorrow at 12(Eastern) when our guest will talk about social media for LOCAL businesses.

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