Just read: ‘One driver can fix NASCAR’s doldrums’ at NASCAR.com

Although I live in Canada, I’m not a hockey guy. I love NASCAR. On Sunday afternoons you can find me watching a race on TV.

But right now, the sport is a little less interesting. There are lots of reasons (and if you’re a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan like me, you’ll know that his terrible year is a big factor). But the sport as a whole is having some trouble.

This article, by David Caraviello of NASCAR.com, makes a great case for something that he feels will save the sport: an engaging and controversial driver who can polarize the fans. He’s referring to Kurt Busch (who my wife is a fan of, “because he drives the M&M car”, she says).

Read the article here: NASCAR.COM – One driver can fix NASCAR’s doldrums – Oct 31, 2009.

This is a good business idea, too. Too often, business owners trend towards the non-controversial middle in an effort NOT to alienate anyone. But opinion — and even polarizing alienation — is exactly what some business leaders do.

  • Donald Trump loves to alienate others (by describing how unbelievably awesome he is).
  • Jeffrey Gitomer offers plenty of good value but his style is entertainingly in-your-face (and even borders on insulting sometimes).
  • Dan Kennedy is an infamously grumpy copywriter.

… just to name a few.

I’m not saying that you should add “be a jerk” on your to-do list. But a little extra opinion and fearlessness can go a long way. It will work in NASCAR and it will work in your industry, too.

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