Prices and Pricing Strategies: How to price your offerings more effectively

Image by Clan UiBriain via Flickr 2009 BC: A buyer and a seller barter over the exchange of a few sheep for a couple jugs of olive oil. 9AD: A Roman citizen wanders through a market and exchanges newly minted coins of Caesar for a finely woven rug. 2009: AD: A buyer in one country […]

Content solutions for selling insurance

Insurance is a tough sell. (I know, I used to sell it). Insurance salespeople have two major issues working against them: People usually underestimate their need for it until it’s too late There is little perceived differentiation between insurance offerings Since people don’t feel they need the product, and since the common person can’t tell […]

Aaron’s answers: How to network at a conference

The Question: I am a real estate investor and I’m going to a local event shortly where I will be networking with other real estate investors and looking for money to fund my deals. I’ve got an introductory card that I give out but it isn’t pulling in as much response as I’d like. What […]

Client Spotlight: Butch Grimes

Real estate professionals need lots of relevant, ongoing information to help them stay current and run their practices. That’s what Butch Grimes delivers. Butch Grimes operates the website We Talk Real Estate, an internet radio site all about real estate for real estate professionals. His compelling and entertaining style make him a popular radio show […]

Business Lessons from “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

Cover of Planes, Trains and Automobiles Planes, Trains & Automobiles is a great movie. It is one of the best known Thanksgiving-related movies around (the only one that comes to mind, in fact) and it’s a classic buddy movie. Very quotable (“those aren’t pillows”), very memorable, and it’s a great movie to use in the […]