A tip to remember when pricing your products or services

Pricing your products or services is not easy. When I was first starting out I faced the challenge that many freelancers do — sometimes pricing my offering too low and losing money; and other times pricing my offering too high and losing the opportunity. Through ongoing trial (and error) you find the sweet spot and […]

Aaron’s answers: Increasing website conversions

The Question: Steve asked: How to increase the number of conversions? How one can increase the number of conversions with the limited number of visitors he is getting.. Thanks, Steve Aaron’s Answer: I quickly looked at your website and have a couple of suggestions: 1. Your “order now” button is buried in a list of […]

Just read: ‘The How of Innovation’ at Leading Blog

Edison invented the lightbulb. But he also understood that a lightbulb was useless without power. He didn’t just invent the end object (an illuminating device), he developed an entire system to generate and disseminate power. This article talks about how innovation is more than just a single creative idea. Rather, it’s an entire process. This […]

Just read: ‘Ten Products that Boomed During Recession’ at Seeking Alpha

No matter what the economy is doing, people buy. This article gives us 10 of the products that did really during the recession, and it’s no surprise that many of their stock prices reflect this success. Ten Products that Boomed During Recession — Seeking Alpha.

If I had to start my business all over again

Image via Wikipedia What would you do if you had to start all over again? What if some disaster suddenly strikes and your small business crumbles down around you. What would you do? Have you thought about it? Here’s what I would do if someone suddenly hit the reset button on my business. You might […]