The 4 types of tweets you’ll see on Twitter

With TweetDeck running on my computer, I’m exposed to a torrent of tweets each day. Some of these tweets contain “in-tweet” content and others link-out to “off-tweet” content. Regardless of whether the content is in-tweet or linked-out to off-tweet, I’ve observed 4 kinds of tweets: Fact-based tweets: These might be statistics, facts, or trivia. An […]

Just read: ‘Apple The Outlier’ at

In a recent blog, I mentioned an article called “Ten Products That Boomed During The Recession“. Then today, a colleague put me onto this blog, which talks about Apples success and likens it to the film industry of the Great Depression. Apple The Outlier « Digital Rules By Rich Karlgaard.

Snapshot of my week: Oct. 26 – Oct. 30

I’ve finally moved my post-vacation mountain of work and am rolling up my sleeves on new projects. Have content due for my regular clients — a couple of small business blogs, a couple of online marketing blogs, a coach, a consultant, a tax attorney, an online bookkeeping system, a Forex fund, and a futures trading […]

Just read: ‘Getting Started with Disruptive Business Design’ at

In this article, John Sviokla talks about innovation — “disruptive design” — as an opportunity for all businesses to pursue, and he gives 4 ways to create disruptive design. Getting Started with Disruptive Business Design – John Sviokla –