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The Question:


Steve asked: How to increase the number of conversions?

How one can increase the number of conversions with the limited number of visitors he is getting..


Aaron’s Answer:

I quickly looked at your website and have a couple of suggestions:


1. Your “order now” button is buried in a list of other things. It should be more prominent. I’d suggest that you put it where the “call me back” button is in the top right.

2. When I click “order now” I get a phone number and email address. If someone clicks that, though, I’d guess that they are ready to buy online. But that option isn’t available to them. This adds an additional step in your sales process. “Order now” is actually “call us to order”. In your prospect’s mind, that’s an extra step. Websites should reduce the number of steps required to buy something, not increase them. If you can’t make the “order now” an immediate online purchasing option, I’d suggest that you remove it altogether and just make your phone number and email address more prominent.

3. You might also consider reducing the number of links on the left side of your page: Move “Why we are inexpensive” to the “price” page. Move “Site map” to the bottom of the page. (I’d even consider moving “Price” and “Contact us” elsewhere, too). In other words, make the left side of the page ONLY about finding a great product.

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Aaron Hoos

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