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aaronhoos_socialmedia_linkedinEd Wills asked: What is the best way to market a virtual product?

I have just finished an e-book on using social media to market small businesses. I have considerable experience in marketing both tangibles and intangibles, but am now struggling to develop a good marketing plan for virtuals. The book outlines a marketing plan to reach out to local people who are on social media platforms and bringing them into a brick and mortar establishment such as a restaurant, retail establishment of professional service provider. But to market my e-book effectively, I need to reach brick and mortar establishments who are not using social media and bring them into the virtual world. So I am struggling with how to do the opposite of what I am teaching others to do. Any suggestions?

Aaron’s Answer:

Good question, Ed. I’d suggest a couple of ideas:

1. Write articles for trade journals. You’ll have to get industry-specific, of course, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Talk about why social media is important to their customers (and, thus, to them) and give a few basic steps to help them get started easily. The article should answer “why social media?” and it should touch on “how”. In your byline, mention your ebook, of course.

2. Get your foot in the door of a local store that is part of a larger chain. Offer to help them for free. If their sales skyrocket (and I’m sure that you’re confident they will) their peers in the chain will ask them what their secret is.

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