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The Frank Peters Show is an internet radio show for angel investors and venture capitalists. In May, Peters interviewed John Huston, who is the chairman for the Angels Capital Association and is on the management team of Ohio TechAngels. (Note: ThisĀ  interview is no longer available online).

During the interview, Huston referenced something he calls his “10 exits” list in which he describes the spectrum of potential exit scenarios that an angel investor might experience. Some are positive exits that should be an ideal goal; others are negative exits that should be mitigated at all costs. (Disclosure: I wrote about this for an article in VentureHype recently).

This list of exits, though, is great for more than just angel investors. All business owners will eventually exit their businesses (although very few plan for it). This exit strategy list is a great resource for these entrepreneurs. While they might not all seem relevant to every business owner, they do nicely demonstrate the spectrum of good-to-bad exits that could occur and the compel the business owner to think carefully about what could happen in the future when it’s time to step away from the business.

Download a pdf of John Huston’s 10 exit strategies here.

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