Just read: ‘Six Sigma and Design Thinking’ at NYTimes.com

This is a great article about business innovation being applied from a different perspective. The article’s writer calls it “design thinking”. The examples are great! Prototype – Six Sigma and Design Thinking – How 2 Methods Should Mix – NYTimes.com.

Just read: ‘A dynasty built on instinct’ at The Globe and Mail

I love these kinds of business success stories: A woman had trouble grocery shopping so she started her own store and built it up into Canada’s leading Asian grocery chain. There are plenty of headline-grabbing meteoric success stories of fresh-faced college students who earn millions by selling a clever piece of software, but there’s something […]

Just read: ‘A hot wine startup hits pause’ at CNNMoney

One inventor created a beautiful all-in-one wine home winemaking device called Winepod that allowed users to do everything from crush grapes to ferment inside the attractive 4 foot tall machine. But, retailing at $4500, it’s not a machine that is within reach of people, especially during today’s economy. Wisely reacting to consumer demand, the owner […]