Just read: ‘A Leaner Macy’s Tries to Cater to Local Tastes’ at BusinessWeek

This article talks about how Macy’s is trying to make changes in response to economic conditions. It’s a good plan. What saddens me is that they waited until a recession to do it. They think it’s a response to the economy, but it’s actually a response to their more successful (read: agile, focused, local) competitors… but they didn’t notice until the economy went south.

Retail department stores are as bureaucratic as other big corporations. They lumber around like drunken bears while their smaller, agile, and focused competitors get in quick jabs.

But Macy’s should do okay. They have a longstanding reputation and hopefully this “innovation” (if you want to call it that) will lead to others. But they are going to continue to taste the dust of Walmart for a long time to come.

A Leaner Macy’s Tries to Cater to Local Tastes – BusinessWeek.

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