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The Question:


Nawal Kumar Roongta asked: “What innovative ideas, offers and sales techniques for selling diamonds and jewelry using Internet?”

Aaron’s Answer:
I worked with a client on exactly this problem just a couple of years ago. We found that lots of diamond/jewelry sites just showed the product. That’s okay but it can be hard to really experience what it was like to purchase and enjoy the jewelry.

To me, this seemed like a features vs. benefits issue and I thought about how to focus on the benefits (the enjoyment of the jewelry) instead of the features.

So I recommended that we create stories of people who enjoyed purchasing the jewelry. My client wanted to highlight the jewelry as a gifting idea so most of our stories centered around that, almost as if they were diary entries of people who had received the diamond or jewelry as a gift.

This gave us the following advantages:

  • We could discuss the features but bring it back to the benefits (i.e., declaration of love, etc.)
  • We could “recommend” gift-giving occasions that buyers might or might not have considered
  • We could create short but compelling stories which are more likely to be read than marketing content

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