Content is only king when there’s context

“Content is king”. That is a rule of thumb adopted by website creators because they know that high quality content helps to attract and retain customers by positioning the company and by building relationships with people. Seth Godin, in his excellent free ebook Everyone is an Expert, says that people aren’t searching for anything online… […]

Client Spotlight: BlackHorse Fund

In the world of investing, equities pale in comparison to the much larger foreign exchange market. The nature of the market can be riskier and far more rewarding than what most investors are used to. Forex fund BlackHorse is a private fund that pools investors’ money to trade currencies. BlackHorse Fund contracted me on a […]

Needed: Business partner matchmaker

It’s funny how often this idea has reared its head in my life. If I had the time and inclination, I might actually do something about it. But for now, I’ll release it to the world for someone else to run with. We need a matchmaking site for business partners. Like,,; that […]