Reading financial and operational reports

Just read Zane Safrit’s article “Which Report is the Most Important?” over at SmallBizTrends. Good article. Zane lays out that there are two kinds of reports he recommends that business owners read: Financial reports like the income statement, balance sheet, and cashflow statement, and operational reports like conversion rate, customer churn, leads, referrals, and customer […]

Case study: Recovering wasted assets

The following is a case study derived from working with a client. To preserve confidentiality, I am only describing the problem and not the client. PROBLEM: A client approached me with a problem. Their organization had invested thousands of dollars to hire a company to create 3 five minute training videos for their new product. […]

Today’s #BusinessLunchClub discussion: Entrepreneurial best practices

Today at #businesslunchclub on Twitter, we were joined by BusinessLunchClub co-founder Heather Villa. HeatherĀ  has started a number of businesses (and she and I have also collaborated on the recently released ebook How to Generate MORE BUSINESS and HIGHER PROFIT from a WordPress Website). Heather has started several successful ventures over the years, which include […]

Aaron’s answers: Consultative sales tips

The Question: Alex Badinici, an AdSense Account Manager at Google Ireland asked a question on LinkedIn: “Do you have any interesting materials/experiences on “Consultative Sales” to share with me?” Aaron’s Answer: Alex, Based on some of my experiences, I would recommend the following: * Become an expert in the industry you’re serving. Read widely from […]