Are you addressing the burgeoning local business phenomenon?

View Larger Map In today’s news, local news aggregator EveryBlock was acquired byMSNBC (as reported on EveryBlock’s blog). Only months ago, we saw AOL acquire Patch, and AOL indicated that “local” was a huge whitespace opportunity for them. This has been an interesting shift to observe. The web made a global market available to us, […]

Just read: ‘How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days’ at Gamasutra

Great link, sent to me quite some time ago (last year maybe?) by my start-up guru colleague Jeffrey Priebe, probably in relation to a project we were talking about at the time. I filed it in my bookmarks and then it got buried. Finally found it, read it (again), and thoroughly enjoyed it (again). While […]

Just read: ‘4 Lessons from Y-Combinator’s Approach to Innovation’ at

Great article about how Y-Combinator pushes innovation. Be sure to take note of the 4 lessons for corporate investors. Four Lessons from Y-Combinator’s Fresh Approach to Innovation – Scott Anthony –

Aaron’s answers: Implementing strategy

The Question: Wilame Lima asked: “Why is it so hard to follow a strategy? While some companies don’t have prepared professionals or sectors to effectively plan their activities, others do not have this kind of problem. However, even for those, strategic planning becomes ineffective, this because of internal culture, lack of acceptation of the directors […]