Aaron’s answers: Social media marketing

The Question: Andrew asked “What Social Networks Work Best For You? What Social Networks Work Best For You? 1. What social media (your own blogs, forums, wiki’s, etc) or social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Ecademy, Plaxo, Twitter, YouTube, etc) do you use for business purposes? 2. Out of all the available networks and media which ones […]

Just read: ‘How Google’s Rankings Algorithm Has Changed Over Time’ at SEOmoz.org

Was sent this link a while ago from Jeffrey Priebe when he and I were collaborating on a project for his client. Search engine optimization is a great buzz word that gets kicked around a lot (and I’m frequently asked to “include” it in my work, although the asker doesn’t always know what it even […]

Just read: ‘5 Inspiring Facebook Fan Page Case Studies’ at Mashable

I’ve created, managed, or contributed to client Facebook fan pages, so I try to stay current on examples of good Faccebook fan pages and the best practices that they employ. This is a list of 5 good examples: Killer Facebook Fan Pages: 5 Inspiring Case Studies.

Favorite video: TED talks – Hans Rosling (again)

Last week I posted a TED video of data enthusiast Hans Rosling. His talk was so compelling; I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone get so excited about statistics before. But he does get excited and his excitement is catching! Here is another video, about a year later, when he introduces some data analysis […]