7 strategies that entrepreneurs get wrong

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners. In that time I’ve seen a lot of the same mistakes being made again and again. This is a list of the most common… Same-as business plan. Business owners look at other successful businesses and clone their business model, hoping for the same riches that others have […]

Just read: ‘Top 105 Twitter Tools’ at BigIsTheNewSmall

Twitter can be a huge time-suck or it can be a useful tool. I’ve experienced both sides of Twitter. Lists like this are useful to me to help me to find better ways to manage my (and my clients’) Twitter accounts. Big Is The New Small – Top 105 Twitter Tools.

Snapshot of my week: Aug. 24 – Aug. 28

Here’s a quick look at what I’m doing this week: Create blog content for a coaching blog Review and edit client-written articles as part of a new website launch Create blog content for a internet marketing blog Create blog content and articles for a futures trading company Complete an ebook about how to start and […]

Just read: ‘Social Networking Sites For Business Owners’ at WSJ

Was thinking about social media as it relates to business (specifically my business, and the businesses of my clients). It’s easy to spend a lot of time in social media and the question I’m always coming back to is: “How much of it is helpful?” (I believe that social networking is extremely valuable but there […]